use cases + behavior details = functional testing

What is FunTester?

FunTester is an opensource model-based functional testing tool that helps you to document your software through textual use cases and to verify whether it is behaving according to them.

Designed for your team

Are you a system analist? Use FunTester to document your use cases. Front-end developer? Give details about the user interface to proper testing it. Are you a tester? Detail the expected behaviors of the application. Let your team work together and benefit from FunTester's features.

Time saver

FunTester can generate thousands of test cases in seconds. They are prioritized according to the use cases, so that you can run the more important tests frequently and let all the tests to run from time to time.


Web sites, mobile apps (native or web-based), desktop apps, you name it. Any identifiable or referenceable user interface elements can be used to generate tests.


Plugins are used for transforming abstract test cases into test scripts. FunTester can test web pages, Android apps, Swing applications, and even more. Do you need to test another kind of application? Just write a plugin. It's easier than you think.

Easy to customise

Vocabularies, widgets, and profiles are available as JSON files. You can add new words or translate them to the desired language (currently available: English and Brazilian Portuguese).


FunTester is a Swing-based Java application. Plug-ins can be written in Java or any other programming language, because they are executed as external console applications. Wanna help us? Get in touch!


Get Started


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FunTester requires Java 6.


  1. Install Java (if not installed).
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file to the desired folder.
  3. Double click funtester.jar.

Full Documentation


More on GitHub


FunTester is made by Thiago Delgado Pinto and contributors and is 100% free under an opensourced license.

If you are feeling generous and want to show your support, you can buy them a beer or coffee via the PayPal donate button below. :)


We hope you find FunTester useful.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions:

thiago-dp (at) bol (dot) com (dot) br

Are you a developer?

Join us at GitHub or fork some of our projects.

If you wish to create a plug-in, take a look at our documentation. Please contact us you have any doubts.

Thiago Delgado Pinto
creator of FunTester

since 2014-06-27